Instagram 101 for Business – 4 Ways to Use Instagram to Help the Success of Your Business

04 Sep Instagram 101 for Business – 4 Ways to Use Instagram to Help the Success of Your Business


You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but have you heard “a picture is worth a thousand+ dollars”? Hashtags and pictures have become necessary tools for business owners, so learning how to incorporate Instagram into your business is crucial. Here are four tactics you might have overlooked…

1. Consumer Mind Window 

While foodies and fashionista more commonly use Instagram, businesses can also take advantage of this valuable platform to establish strong relationships with customers; it is more than just a form of creative and artistic expression, it is a direct portal of communication.

As you are aware, a successful business is one that has a well-established brand. However, you can’t have a strong brand unless you can convince your customers “why” your product and/or service are important.

Browsing through the uploaded photos of your business, you can see just how your customers are reacting to your store, food, and overall presentation. This “insider” advantage will allow you to figure out just what your customers like and don’t like (example: type in “doghausdogs” on instagram).

2. Free Advertisement

Need I say more? Who doesn’t love free advertisement? Regardless of who is uploading pictures and videos about your store, bottom line is that you are getting the business name out there – it’s all that matters. Save some advertisement money and play around with Instagram!

Don’t let go of this fun and interactive service, especially when it’s as easy as take a picture and pick a filter.

3. Trend Predicator

This is probably the best use of Instagram for your business. Scrolling through trending pictures on Instagram is a great way to indicate what the general public is favoring, and with a little business forward thinking you can determine just where the market might go. For example, if you own a beauty salon and you start to see a surplus of beach photos and pictures of people tanning by the beach around July, chances are you can begin to offer sun-damaged skin therapies around August.

Use Instagram to its maximum potential and let it be your personal statistics analyst, without the number crunching.

4. Social Web Weaving

Every business owner wants an extensive network of partners and consumers; Instagram can help you build that. Pictures on Instagram are shared amongst all application users. If what your business has to offer is ascetically pleasing, chances are you will have a very large clientele and fan base.

I say this from experience. A friend of mine, currently living in Florida, has been begging me to take him to Phil’s BBQ, in San Diego, every time he’s in town just because I uploaded an eye-boggling picture of a rack of ribs! And he’s never even been to San Diego! What more proof do you need? If you can get your customers to snap a picture of your business (& post it), then all of those customers friends are just as good as your friends in the long run.

Go on! Download Instagram!  

Incorporating Instagram into your business will be a decision you won’t regret. Instagram will help you tell a story behind pictures, creating  not only a marketable brand but also a marketable lifestyle that will grow and  strengthen your business.

Article By: Serena Chu

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